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Io Sostengo San Petronio

Basilica of San Petronio, an independent monument not belonging neither to the Curia nor to the City of Bologna, required some restoration works in its internal and external parts.

The project was born with the purpose to complete these work, with a fundraising campaign which lasted 12 months (January 2016 – January 2017).It involved the restoration of some of the 22 chapels, of the central nave, of the side walls and the front of the apse of Piazza Galvani.

The project was concluded with success: 206,165 € have been collected, Exceeding the previously set target of 200.000 euro

It was introduced to the people of Bologna the 30th January 2016, when we organized a concert in the Basilica. During visits and event, Bologn people participated in the initiative of the association Succede solo a Bologna with a donation. There were traditional visits with curiosity and anecdotes about the basilica and it was possible to visit the San Petronio bell tower with an performance of the bell ringers of the basilica.

There were, also, tours organized inside the Chapel St. Giacomo and people admired the rests of Elisa Bonaparte, sister of Napoleone. Last, but not the least, are certainly the so-called “Visits Umarellistiche” in the garret of St. Petronio.


In that occasions the guides of the association Succede solo a Bologna did accompany the holders of the Card in the tallest point in the basilica where there can still be read the writings left by the workers during the numerous yards that have happened during the many years. The card represents three essential figures in Bologna: the Umarèl, the Arzdaura and the Cinno or Cinna. These Cards gave right to enter in the garret of St. Petronio with guided visit.

The contributions from companies and associations wasn’t missed. Among these, we remember Foundation Family Rinaldi that had donated 100.000 €. Thanks to this donation, is was possible to start the restructure the Chapel of the Santa Croce, that took the name of the Foundation. Not only that one, also other companies of Bologna had participated: for example, Medical Center of St. Donato, Cotabo, Pilot Italia, Emil Banca, Gico System, Ascom Bologna, Job More, Cleanings Deanna, Agnos Drone and so many others.

The history of the basilica of St. Petronio goes back to the XIV century. Its origin and all the curiosities on it are the principal matter of the seventh book of the association Succede solo a Bologna. “The secrets of St. Petronio” tells about more than 90 curiosities that concern the basilica. Do you know, that there is the longest sundial of the world? Or that, between its aisles, part of the Council of Trento has also taken place? These and much more information, is reported in the book, whose drawn has been devolved to the fundraising campaign.


Among the gifts for the participants there was the possibility to make an happy hour in an exclusive frame: the panoramic terrace of St. Petronio. 50 meters high, the terrace allows its visitors to see Bologna from the top. The appointments thought for the happy hour have been so many, from the tasting of wines, to the happy hour, passing for the evening with tigelle and crescentine. Appointments every time sold-out. The panoramic terrace of St. Petronio, with entry from Galvani piazza, it is not reserved only to the happy hour, but every day is open only to visit the terrace and the ticket is 3 €, given to “Io sostengo San Petronio’’ project.

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