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Succede solo a Bologna APS
Succede solo a Bologna APS | 2 TOWERS POP
Associazione Succede solo a Bologna - Via San Petronio Vecchio 15/a Bologna 051226934 -
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In collaboration with Hoppibolla

Gadget: 2 TOWERS POP – solid emollient shower cream

Price: 14.90 euros

A playful Bolognese shower cream with swirls of POP color chasing each other across the Garisenda and the Asinelli (the city’s most famous towers). An ever-changing fireworks display of color with the added treasure of natural and nourishing ingredients to pamper your skin with love, leaving it smooth, soft, and kissable!

All infused with our exclusive fragrance, one of the most popular smells ever, sought by gourmets all over the world, a craving that can only be satisfied by…. the one-and-only, POPCORN fragrance 🍿!!!

An enveloping swirl of soft butter, the crystalline scent of salt flakes, an underlying whisper of warm, comforting caramel… An absolute must-have!

And even better, it’s long-lasting! The super concentration of the butters allows them to be slowly released with each use, leaving your skin fabulous shower after shower.

Part of the proceeds from each sale will support “Essere Animali”, the non-profit organization that has spent years on the front line in defense of animals found in commercial farming, battling against the infernal living conditions, abuses, and terrible violence to which they are shamefully subjected.

Where can I find it

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