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Succede solo a Bologna I

Succede solo a Bologna I



Minerva Edizioni – Maggio 2017

Price: 9,90 euro

From 23th of November 2017: You will find it in all bookstores.



If you send Someone to “a spendere”, you’re not encouraging the local economy, as if you say to a person he/she is “sana”, you’re not showing your diagnostic skills and if you do something “alla vecchia” it’s not that you’re dealing with an old lady.


In the Bolognese slang, in fact, someone is sent “to spend” ( a spendere) when you want to say “get lost” ; affirming that someone is healthy (sana) means finding him very attractive and doing something “alla vecchia” means doing it with simplicity, as it was once . These are unimaginable meanings for most people, not just foreign but also compatriots.


The volume “The Bolognese slang for all” is a sort of detailed map to distinguish between these authentic linguistic “traps”.

With its graphic styles and eye-catching cartoons, typical of our association’s books , the publication lists in alphabetical order the terms or phrases of the Bolognese slang, indicating for each one the Italian meaning and the English translation, so that foreign visitors can also “intripparsi “(get passionate) more and more to the city of Bologna.