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After a year-long pause due to the COVID situation, the national literary competition has now returned. Established and managed for 10 years by Vittoria Borghetti in memory of her husband Guido Zucchi, we now present the newly named: National Literary Competition “City of Bologna”.

The competition, which has judged more than 1000 pieces in recent years, is open to poets of all ages and divided into the following categories: Senior (all ages over 18), Junior (ages 12 to 18), and Baby (up to age 11), with prizes for each category. Registration is free and all those interested, both Italians and foreigners, have until the end of October to send one poem on the topic of their choice.

SINGLE POETRY SECTION – Submit a poem, in word or pdf format, by no later than 31 October using the form at the bottom of the page.

THEME – Free choice

TEXT – The texts must be in Italian or a dialect of an Italian region (with attached Italian translation). We accept both published and unpublished pieces, though texts that have already placed in the top 3 of any other competitions will not be accepted.

Texts with offensive and/or blasphemous content, or texts that are considered in any way inappropriate, will be automatically excluded from the competition.

NUMBER OF COPIES – Participants must send only one copy of their piece through the official form at the bottom of the page, either by submitting it in its entirety online or by sending a copy via ordinary post to our association’s mailing address (Corte De’ Galluzzi 13a 40124 Bologna).

REGISTRATION FEE – Participation is completely free


First phase – All pieces (received no later than 31 October) will be examined by the judges and selected poems will be included in the anthology.

Second phase – The judges will further examine the selected pieces and choose the finalists.

Third phase – FINALS: on 13 November the first round will conclude with only half of the poems being presented for the public vote.

On 15 November at 8.30pm, the poems that were accepted into the second round and included in the anthology will be published online, where anyone can vote for their favorite (until 21 November) to win the audience choice award. The winners of the On-Line Category will be chosen from among these finalists.

AWARDS – The judges will select the 3 prize winners for each category (BABY – JUNIOR – SENIOR) and a DIALECT poem will also be selected. The winners of each category will be announced at Teatro Mazzacorati 1763 on 04 December.



1st place: certificate

2nd place: certificate

3rd place: certificate


1st place: certificate

2nd place: certificate

3rd place: certificate


1st place “Audience Choice Award”: certificate

2nd place “Audience Choice Award”: certificate

3rd place “Audience Choice Award”: certificate


Winner of the Dialect category: certificate


1st place: publishing contract with Minerva Edizioni

2nd place: certificate

3rd place: certificate

JUDGES – President of the jury Matteo Lepore (mayor of Bologna), Roberto Mugavero (Minerva Edizioni editor), Mirella Mastronardi (actress and theater teacher), Giulia Dalmonte (journalist), Luca Orsi (journalist)

INFO – Corte de’ Galluzzi 13a, Monday – Sunday from 9.30am to 1.00pm and from 3.00pm to 7.30pm

Email :