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Ten questions (and answers) about us

What is Succede solo a Bologna?

Succede solo a Bologna was born in 2011 with 35 employees, 20 associates, and 4 volunteers with the goal of enhancing and safeguarding the cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage of Bologna and its province.

What does Succede solo a Bologna do?

Our association creates and organizes guided tours, events, and marketing projects. We have also devised various community projects and initiatives linked to Bologna and its province for the promotion, enhancement, and protection of the territory. In addition, we offer hundreds of different guided tours and manage some of the city’s most important landmarks with the aim of providing maintenance and restoration for the sites under our management.

How are donations to Succede solo a Bologna used?

The donations we receive (through participation in events, access to managed sites, gadgets, and membership cards) are used for “Monuments Care”, a crowdfunding project through which Succede solo a Bologna cares for the touristic monuments and sites of Bologna and its province. All donations are reinvested in the maintenance and restoration of the city’s monuments.

How can I support Succede solo a Bologna?

Our association does not benefit from public funding and all activities are possible thanks to the support of individuals and companies. It is possible to support Succede solo a Bologna by participating in our organized activities, as well as by requesting our membership card. This card allows you to enjoy several advantages at sites managed by Succede solo a Bologna. We also accept “5xMille” donations through the Italian tax system with the Succede solo a Bologna tax code: 91331650373.

What monuments/places of interest are managed by Succede solo a Bologna?

Succede solo a Bologna manages/coordinates the dome and crypt of San Luca, the theater of Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati, the Conserva di Valverde (Bagni di Mario), the Prendiparte Tower, the Bentivoglio Castle, the San Zama Crypt, and guided tours of the “Renato Dall’Ara” Stadium.

Does Succede solo a Bologna organize only guided tours?

The association also organizes cultural and recreational events for all ages to further promote the area. We have conceived or collaborated with important fundraising projects in favor of city monuments such as “Io Sostengo San Petronio” to support the restoration of the Basilica of San Petronio, “Un Passo per San Luca” for the restoration of the extensive portico leading to the Sanctuary, and the management of guided tours inside the Neptune restoration site. Furthermore, Succede solo a Bologna has coordinated projects for the promotion, enhancement, and protection of the territory, winning us the “Bologna città civile e bella” award in 2013.

How much do organized tours cost with Succede solo a Bologna?

All tours with Succede solo a Bologna, both those with fixed dates and those organized upon request, are free. We simply ask that participants make whatever donation they feel is right, thus supporting the “Monuments Care” crowdfunding campaign. We firmly believe that this is the best way to make our initiatives open and available to everyone, thus ensuring that anyone with a desire to learn more about Bologna will be able to participate.

How can I organize a personalized tour with my own choice of place and date?

Not a problem! Just write to and tell us what kind of tour you have in mind, in which language, and the date and time you prefer.

I want to read more about Bologna and its history, do you have any recommendations?

Yes! Succede solo a Bologna has actually published 14 books full of interesting facts about Bologna, its traditions, and its artistic and cultural heritage. Additionally, as of July 2021 we have made “La Bazza”, a monthly magazine dedicated to the humanities and sciences of Bologna and its province, available online.

Do you organize events? What kind?

Yes, we have conceived and organized several events each year, from recreational activities to literary competitions, as well as cultural and community initiatives. Over the past decade, for example, we ​​have organized “San Lòcca Day”, dedicated to rediscovering the porticos of San Luca with music and tastings of local products for adults and children; special aperitifs in various places throughout Bologna, such as the terraces of San Petronio, Prendiparte Tower, and Villa Scarani; the “Concorso Letterario Nazionale”, a literary competition open to poets of all ages; the “Cinno Days” at Giardini Margherita, offering workshops, sports tournaments, as well as recreational and educational initiatives designed for children; the photographic treasure hunt “Fotorama”; and we have collaborated with the “Art City” Bologna Fiere event through the organization of cultural and artistic events at sites managed by our association. Additionally, we have community projects such as “Sgura Bulåggna”, which gathered hundreds of volunteers to clean the streets of the city, and our “Charity Tours”, which provides non-profit organizations with guided tours for their own personal use.