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Gadget: Il Signore dei Tortelli – board game

Price: 42 euro


Have you ever dreamed of dominating the territories across the province of Bologna in a war as it has never been fought before? In the land of Tortelli, a tired and elderly King can no longer govern. He has been defending the tortellini recipe for years and will only give the throne to those who can prove that they know how to navigate the vast province. The one true Lord of the Tortelli!


The box contains:

  • 1 gameboard
  • 14 Mission cards
  • 20 Fortress cards
  • 22 Bazza cards
  • 300 troops in 6 different colors
  • 30 discs
  • 13 fortresses
  • 6 dice

Where can I find it?:

For info and shipping you can write to us at:

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