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Succede solo a Bologna APS
Succede solo a Bologna APS | Social Live Tour
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The Association “Succede solo a Bologna” created the #SocialLiveTour: YOU AND THE SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE THE MAIN ATTRACTION OF THE CITY


Social Live Tour ( #SocialLiveTour ) is a new way to conceive Guided Tours


What you must possess: a smartphone with an internet connection and Whatsapp


Features: it is an hour and a half tour in which you learn about the city history, his monuments, his curiosities and people’s anecdotes.


Why “Social Live”: because during the tour, the participants will receive on their smartphones, through Whatsapp, pictures and information on where they are and moreover some posts of 140 characters about what the guide is explaining in that moment.
Across the way, you will also find some #SelfiePoint, suggested places where you can take a selfie, framing (other than yourself) the monument or the place that you just learned about.


Why 140 characters posts?: The idea is that these posts, which you will receive live, can be shared on every Social Network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


LIVE Participation and share: this specific type of tour allows users, for instance, at the other end of the world, to participate live through Whatsapp to the event (there is also the possibility to enrol as a Virtual-Participant). Furthermore, thanks to a viral spread of these contents via social networks, an active disclosure takes place, which is an effective way to make our association known to everybody, even if they live far away from Bologna.


Once the #SocialLiveTour will be tested, an app for smartphones will be developed and provided to users, so that it can be used also in other cities.


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