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Succede solo a Bologna APS
Succede solo a Bologna APS | San Zama's Crypta
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San Zama's Crypta

San Zama’s Crypt

The monastery of Saints Naborre and Felice (where San Zama’s Crypt is found) was once also the site of Bologna’s Military Hospital.
During the 3rd century, this site hosted the first, and most important, center for the spread of Christianity.

It is said that around the year 270, the first archbishop in Bologna improved the preexisting church and dedicated it to St. Peter

The Crypt is stylistically connected to the 11th century, subdivided into three naves, with three apses and two rows of columns in the middle nave.The four Corinthian columns before the altar were most likely salvaged from older constructions and reused here

Entrance in Via dell’Abbadia 1

Access is allowed only by request or through one of our guided tours

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