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Succede solo a Bologna APS
Succede solo a Bologna APS | the masterpiece of Guercino: Ercole and Anteo
Associazione Succede solo a Bologna - Via San Petronio Vecchio 15/a Bologna 051226934 -
Associazione Succede solo a Bologna Visite Guidate Eventi



Our Association manages Palazzo Talon Sampieri


Description: The fifteenth-century Palazzo Sampieri Talon, located in the very heart of the city, is the perfect setting for a grandiose work such as the Ercole and Anteo fresco by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, also known as the “Guercino”. Painted in 1631, the work best expresses the extraordinary poetic ability of its creator: the plasticity of the bodies, the tension of the muscles, and the clever use of color. This masterpiece embodies all of the strength and uniqueness of Bolognese Baroque.

Palazzo Talon Sampieri access regulation

1. Do not dirt, litter or damage the structure in any way.
2. Take only necessary items with you during the visit.
3. Do not lean over the railings
4. Do not run
5. Do not expose cameras over the railings (there is a risk of injury from falling objects).
6. In case of objects falling from the safety railings do not try to recover them; inform the security officers.
Properly trained staff (scaffholding or rope workers) will recover the object in due time and return it to the
owner. Any possible costs will be charged to the visitor.
7. Each visitor guarantees that he will not start the visit under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications
that limit mental clarity or balance and does not suffer from specific condition such as vertigo, panic attacks
8. Minors are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or other adult who is responsible for their behaiviour.
The minor must stay an adult guidance at all times.
9. Do not carry anyone in you arms or raise them from the floor.
10. Security officers have the right , for security reasons, to susoend or deny the visit to people they retain
11. Before the visit you must participate in the briefing( procedures of access and security, emergency response)
regardless of the knowledge of the visitor.
12. Visitors are responsible for compliance with the recommendations and instructions that have been given in the
informative briefings. Violations will result in expulsion from the visit.
13. Smoking is not allowed during the visit.
14. Pets are not allowed
15. Anyone who behaves in a dangerous manner, endangering himself and causing problems for others, will be turned
16. The management is not responsible for any accident caused by negligence or non-compliance with safety
regulations, as well as for loss or breakage of personal effects.
17. In case of emergency follow the instruction of security officers.
18. We apologize but the visit is forbidden to wheelchair and baby carriage


Are you a tour guide and wish to reserve a visit to admire the masterpiece of Guercino: Ercole and Anteo?

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Are you interested in visiting the the masterpiece of Guercino: Ercole and Anteo?

For reservations and/or a tour guide on the date of your choice, write us at:


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