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Succede solo a Bologna APS
Succede solo a Bologna APS | Our card
The cards were and still be a way to make clear the fund raising operations.


The Cards were born in 2016 as benefits of our project of crowdfunding “Io Sostengo St. Petronio.”(I support Saint Petronio)..

Our Cards were created in 2016 as benefits for our fundraising project “I Support San Petronio”.

The cards were, and continue to be, a way to highlight our fundraising projects.The cards are available through all of 2018, as well as the Umarèl, Arzdåura, Cinno and Cinna cards, allowing holders to visit the attic of San Petronio Basilica during our events.

Where do I find it?: at our offices (where it is possible to make a donation in person) or contact us at

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