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Succede solo a Bologna APS
Succede solo a Bologna APS | Use-it en
Associazione Succede solo a Bologna - Via Nazario Sauro 26 Bologna 0512840436 -
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Our Association has created the Bologna map for young travelers in order to provide knowledge about the city and all its various facets.

USE-IT Europe, was created in 1971 and is already present in 37 European cities. USE-IT maps are aimed at an “under 30” audience, interested in exploring new experiences and getting to know a place through the customs and suggestions of those who live there. They are printed on paper, written in English, portable, illustrated, and portrayed in a fresh and ironic way by “the locals”, or by associations or groups of young people who live in the cities. USE-IT maps in Italy are currently also available for Prato and Ferrara.

In addition to providing the layout of the city center, the map also includes a brief guide for discovering the soul of the city. Indeed, the USE-IT motto is “Act like a local”, and you are meant to use it as if you yourself were a Bolognese. The guide includes places to visit, nightclubs, walking routes, places to eat, and typical Bolognese phrases.

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