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Succede solo a Bologna APS
Succede solo a Bologna APS | BOLOGNA stories with a thread of light
Associazione Succede solo a Bologna - Via Nazario Sauro 26 Bologna 0512840436 -
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24.01 at 10am – 8pm

25.01 at 10am – 12pm

26.01 at 10am – 8pm

Where: Ex Galleria Garisenda – Via Guerrazzi 17A

Type of access: free

Target: for all

Succede solo a Bologna has collaborated withConsulta fra antiche istituzioni bolognesi and the Cultural Associationto devise a project for the enhancement of Bologna’s monuments and buildings with “lightpainting”.

The cultural association consists of amateur photographers based in Bologna and has been involved in sharing photographic culture and environmental education for the past ten years. “Lightpainting” is a photographic technique that uses the darkness as a canvas on which to “paint” a framed subject with a controlled light source, as if it were a paintbrush.

Bologna: racconti con un fil di luce” is the title of a photographic exhibition allowing visitors to experience a journey through the city’s stories and sights, specifically those relating to the Consulta, highlighted by a thread of light. Artistic pieces and monuments tell the stories and legends of Bologna that are more or less publicly known.

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